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March 9, 2010
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SDWS THOR by Shira-chan SDWS THOR by Shira-chan
EDIT: Hooray! I won the contest! Three cheers for warped Norse mythology!

Ninja Pirate Studios presents...
Super-Dimensional Weather Soldier Thor!!
(the full title wouldn't fit)

So Seventh Sanctum is having another contest! I have way too much fun with these things. :D This contest is Anime Mania. You have to make some sort of anime fan memorabilia or whatever for a fictitious anime you come up with using the Random Anime Title Generator.

In case it hasn't been made apparent yet, I got Super-Dimensional Weather Soldier Thor!!

The following is my little made-up background info about my anime (which is required for the contest, and also lots of fun).

So what we've got here is a magazine ad that probably appeared in NewType Magazine or something of the sort. They also used this same image for a wallscroll, and on a messenger bag.

This anime is fairly recent. It's jumping on the popularity of Marvel superheroes lately, without actually infringing on Marvel copyright. The manga first appeared in Shonen Jump and ran for 178 issues before the writer and artist split up due to creative differences. Therefor, the manga was never finished. But the series was popular enough for Ninja Pirate Studios to pick up and adapt into a 26-episode anime, where they made up their own ending that disappointed a great number of fans, because they were all expecting something a little more epic.

"Thor is a hammer-wielding soldier of the sky. Loki is a dark sorcerous prodigy. These two twin brothers have been at each other’s throats since birth, but things come to a heated conclusion one day after an argument over Amora the Enchantress, the most beautiful twelve-year-old girl in all of Asgard. Loki casts a spell on his brother Thor, banishing him to another dimension. With only his magic hammer Mjolnir and his weather-controlling powers to help him, Thor must survive this new and strange dimension he’s been carelessly flung into.

In this new dimension, Thor encounters Sif and her brother Baldur. Together with their mad genius inventor of a father, they come up with a steam-powered device that will allow Thor to travel between dimensions – but with an infinite number of dimensions, and no way of knowing which one is home, how will Thor ever find his way back? To make things worse, Sif and Baldur get caught up in the dimensional portal, and suddenly Thor isn’t the only one trying to find his way home. The three of them must forge new friendships and learn to work together in order to survive dozens of different, and often dangerous, dimensions and find their way home. But will they ever truly find their way to their original dimensions?

Their journey only gets more perilous as three mysterious strangers, Volstagg, Hogun, and Fandral, start following the trio through the universes. What do they want? Where did they come from? And how do they keep following Thor, Sif, and Baldur? These questions and more will be answered in NinjaPirate Studios’ newest animated series, Super-Dimensional Weather Soldier Thor!"

Yes, Norse mythology was butchered during the making of this series. There were a great many people who boycotted this series because of the mythological innacuracies, but those who didn't know better, or knew how to take a good thing for what it's worth, said it was a solid series with well-developed characters, several interesting and unique dimensions, and evil, if slightly predictable, villains.

And now that I've typed up entirely too much stuff about this thing that doesn't even exist, I'm just going to leave you with this: I love Thor's hair in this picture! :D
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kingdom-x-hearts Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2010
moimoivain Featured By Owner May 3, 2010
Congratulations! Such a good work, both the plot and the picture are very believable.
mezzoEmrys Featured By Owner May 2, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
gratz on the win!
DragonScholar Featured By Owner May 2, 2010
Congrats, THIS was the contest winner!
Shira-chan Featured By Owner May 3, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Woohoo! :boogie:
Iridescent-Illusion Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2010
lol, damn I wish this was real :XD:

This might be a weird question, but do you know the name of the hairstyle the twins have? :B
Shira-chan Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Well, I know Thor just has himself a shaggy mohawk, but I have no clue what's going on with Loki's hair XD
Iridescent-Illusion Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2010
Oh, ok then :XD:
TamsTheGenkiQueen Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Thor's hairstyle is AMAZING.

Dude, I'm really diggin' the flow of this design...your eye moves nicely through all the characters, not to mention your (as usual) most excellent colors. There's a word for design flow that starts with a 'd' but for the life of me, I can't remember what it is!

But whatever it is, you're good at it :D
Shira-chan Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
I can't think of the word either. I'll probably remember it right before I fall asleep, then forget it again when I wake up in the morning. :)
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